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Originally Posted by Anonymous View Post
Port 300 definitely did not go down, so the problem must be on your end. I noticed that no results have been returned to your IB8000 personal server for the past few days, either.

As for the remote desktop thing, yes, you can control a Linux machine from a Windows one. The Linux remote desktop software, also known as VNC, has both viewers and servers available for Linux, Windows, and Mac machines.
Yep, it appears that I temporarily lost connection and unfortunately the machines don't automatically reconnect so I'm screwed for 2 more days on my 5 port 300 cores and 3 port 8000 cores.

My mom tried to call my house during that time and the call didn't go through at all. Since I have cable/internet/phone all going through the cable line, that confirmed that Road Runner dropped the connection for at least several hours causing me to lose 5-6 days work on 8 cores.

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