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Originally Posted by willmore View Post
Hello, all.

I've just 'upgraded' my main desktop from 32 bit XP to 64 bit Win7.

I coppied over my old Prime95 folder and installed the new 64 bit 25.9.4 (from 32 bit 25.9.4). And, now the itteration times are huge. 2x or 3x slower than XP was. Is there some incompatability going from 32 bit to 64 bit?

I've done this on an idle machine and I've used cpu-z to verify the cpu isn't being throttled, etc.

Under XP/32, I was getting ~32ms/iter with two threads per worker (Q6600@3.2GHz). Now, I'm seeing 65 and 91--which is odd that one pair and the other are so different in speed. I've played with the affinityscramble settings to make sure they're optimum and this is the *best* I could do.

Is something going wrong here? Should I finish these exponents with the 32 bit client or something? Maybe I should go test to see if he's still fast....
Perhaps you have some other win7 services running ... check out the taskmanager or the performance monitor to find out what's going on ...
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