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Originally Posted by joblack View Post
How can I split an actual work to two computers (for four threads for instance 2 threads to another computer)?
You can't have it do the same expo on 2 machines. You can do multiple expos, the total output will be doubled.

Additionally I´m interested in a method to install prime95 to several computers at one. I don´t want to start and setup every computer seperatelly. Best would be if I just have one base image ... and some configuration changes.

Which configuration options I have to change (pc hardware, ...) to automate such an installation?
Several folks have done this.
  1. You will want to get the basic install up and running, and set all the parameters, like work type, etc. on your base machine.
  2. As an optional intial set up step that you may want to do, is to make sure all of your primenet settings (like worktypes) are set.
  3. Then copy the Prime95 folder to a USB drive or the like.
  4. You will want to delete the worktodo.txt and any fxxxxxx, pxxxxxx, qxxxxx, and rxxxxx files (on the USB drive).
  5. You will want to clear out the "ComputerGUID=" and "ComputerID=" values in local.txt.
  6. Set "ManualComm=1" in prime.txt. (This is just a convience)

    This is the basic set up for the install "package".

  7. Take it to the new machine, copy the folder, run prime95 from the new machine.
  8. Set the new computer id from the menu.
  9. Make sure any computer specific settings are changed (especially true if your are using family and friend's PCs.
  10. Make sure you are connected to the net, then from the menu uncheck, "Do Not contact PrimeNet automatically".
  11. Move to the next machine, repeat the steps 7 - 11
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