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Originally Posted by Batalov View Post
BIOSes? plural? Are you saying that every BIOS will work? Wouldn't that be nice? Don't think so.

But it's easy. Swimming with the flow is easy.* Take out a few hundred more and buy a whole new system. GA-890GPA-UD3H will work because that's what they want you to buy - it's ready, ...but for the existing mothers, you will need to flash. I don't blame GA: usually they are contractually bound to release the updates when the maker releases the chip, which is tomorrow. AMD is site was still vacant of any mention of six-cores, but now midnight struck and the magic tampax turned into a pumpkin ...oops.

Ok, it's time to search for updates - now.
The plural of BIOS can be 'only' two so if I would have said all BIOSes you would be correct ^^.

In a lot of circumstances the processor starts (with an old bios) but isn't recognized correctly. It's almost always a good idea to upgrade the BIOS. Anyway, I would take the chance ... to get one of these babies.

My 100M number needs fuel *hehe* ..
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