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Default OBD Status

This thread will hold updates on the progress of Operation Billion Digits.

A few definitions:
  • 'Total' in the status refers to the total number of exponets that OBD has taken up.
    (The starting bit depth for an exponent is 60, i.e. any exponents that have factors below 60 bits have been eliminated from the list, prior to inclusion in OBD)
  • 'Active' refers to those that have not had factors found.
  • 'Factored' refers to those exponents that have had factors found. (Total - Factored = Active)
  • '% out' refers to the percentage of the total that have had factors found ((Factored/Total) *100)
  • 'Average bit depth' refers to the mean bit depth (as currently reported) of all the Active exponents
  • 'Progress index' is a unitless number that reflects the total progress of the project taking into consideration: the total number of exponents in the project, the number that have had factors found, and the amount of work done on the remaining.
    It is calculated as follows: Total * %out * AvgBitDepth / 10000
  • 'Largest factor' is the factor found by the project that has the greatest value and is the lowest factor for the exponent in question.

Until such time as there is progress beyond the 73 bit range, the charts will reflect the 60 - 73 bit range on the y-axis. The x-axis is the number of exponents in OBD. When a factor is found, the point is no longer plotted and the line is interpolated.

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