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Basically I'm just gonna post some sorta hardware stuff here every day or so to speculate/converse/whatever upon. Might be something widely discussed like all the upcoming launches, might be some weird thing I'm messing with. First off... I'm messing with some stuff!

I got a great deal on a 3900x a few weeks ago, planned on testing it compared to my 3600 and messing with it a bit, then selling it. But it's still sitting in the box cause I haven't been bored enough to take my d15s off lol. So I plan on doing that in the next day or so. I've got a few questions:

A) I'd like to see how high the FCLK will go on this chip. IIRC anything past 1600 is technically an overclock, but 1800 is common and that's what I've got my 3600 sitting at. How would I verify the stability of a higher FCLK? Should I test it with my MCLK set at 1:1 or decouple it and run at JEDEC or something?

B) Overclocking RAM is nice and all that, basically I've just plugged my dimms into 1usmus's calculator and copied everything into BIOS. For now I've got 2x16gb B-die running at 3600c14 @1.45v. Degradation is a given with any usage at all but how high would be a safe voltage to use 24/7? If I can get 3733mhz or 3800mhz on the 3900x I'd probably have to give the memory a bit more voltage to keep up with the same timings, which would put me near 1.5v which might be too high for "safe" constant use. Not sure there. They're G.Skill Trident Z RGB sticks, mobo is an Asus X570-E.

C) Anyone messed with 1usmus's new automatic overclocking thing that was recently released? Would be interesting to see some results for that software compared to stock, PBO, and manual OCs.
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