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Originally Posted by xilman View Post
I can have as many as I want but four seems to work well in practice
I always set my Fedora MATE(*) environments to have 36 virtual desktops (six by six). And within a few days, they're all populated with different project windows (different groups of virtual desktops for different projects).

I haven't yet taken the steps to expand this (requires recompiling the WM), but for myself, I think ten by ten would be just about perfect.

It's wonderful being able to press "Cntl-Alt Arrow-keys" to quickly navigate between the virtual desktops. To move a window between the virtual desktops I right-click on the window's title bar, and then either move up, down, left or right, set it to be always on the visible desktop, or send it to a numbered (or named) desktop.

Lastly, yes... Finally, Wincrows 10 has (begun) to catch up with this UI ability. Still can't have multiple rows in a grid configuration though. And I've found the keyboard shortcuts to navigate between them often don't work correctly.

* I usually use Fedora Mate for my workstations, and CentOS for my server environments.
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