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What about the programs he must have used to verify if someone sent him a new GAP that indeed it was a correct gap And what about the emails he must still be receiving with new discoveries?

I remember he once mentioned to me he had s file comparison utility he used in the course of his updating of the tables.

When Sam Yates passed away in the early 90's his work was taken over by Pofessor Chris Caldwell of University of Tennessee at Matin and thanks to that his work lives on.

I know I am not qualified to take care of his work myself but I gladly offer all the secretarial work I can do to help anyone who would endeavor to take such a task to the best of my abilities.
Hi Rudy

Regarding the gaps submitted since August, I have submitted three lots to Thomas's email account and of course these have not been acknowledged. I don't think there are a lot of people who update that frequently - some do so only annually.

The prime gap checking software he wrote and used is called cglp4 - see attached zip file. I used it to ensure my gaps were compliant before sending them to Thomas. He must've had an automated comparison program - although this would be relatively easy to write.

Rudy - you would be a good person to be the custodian/ secretariat. Do you have access to web page hosting?

And Robert G is right to say this needs to be automated. All that is needed is a simple upload mechanism and checking program with a web page showing the record gaps and a download facility for reports. All we need is a person to create the script. I'm a bit worried that we do not have that skill set right now amongst our small group since danaj went inactive. Maybe someone else among the Mersenneforum members can do this.
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