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Originally Posted by ewmayer View Post
FYI, It seems the pseudoprime page I linked in my code comment has moved to .
This site is well worth a visit for the cross-references between pseudoprimes to different bases and Carmichael numbers; also links to pages about Fermat, Poulet, etc. [Nit-pick: tables of base-2 psp's (as opposed to how many there are with up to a given number of decimal digits) not present.]

Other tables of various sorts of pseudoprimes up to 1014 are readily accessible (Just click on "data" in the column headings) at

Pseudoprime Statistics, Tables, and Data (Fermat, Miller-Rabin, Lucas, Fibonacci, Pell, Frobenius, Baillie-PSW).

Note the small number of Perrin pseudoprimes.
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