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Default does Windows XP require more memory now?

One of my computers started complaining about the lack of virtual memory some time this February. It has never done this before. After Prime95 finished its then-current assignment, a first-time LL test, it switched to double checks, and later to trial factoring, citing the lack of memory.

I initially figured that something was wrong with my RAM. I consulted a few other online forums and was told that my computer needed a memory upgrade. After all, 512 MB was pretty low for today's standards. However, my computer had always performed pretty well before it started having memory problems.

I did not install any software (other than some automatic updates) during that time, so the loss of memory could not have been caused by a new program. Did a recent Windows update raise the memory requirement or something?

Anyways, I've upgraded the computer's memory to 2 GB a few days ago, so let's see how it goes.

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