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Originally Posted by Nekto View Post
LOL, Putin isn't Russian president
Could have fooled me - perhaps someone should tell him?

To those who haven't yet figured it out, my "quote" was completely made up - a feeble attempt at humor by way of conjuring up some appropriate-sounding Bushisms for the situation. One might call this sort of thing "A Faux News Exclusive." [pronounced, of course "Fox", at least by most Americans]. I thought the references to Florida and Alabama would be a sufficient tip-off - too subtle, perhaps?

So I wonder if Russia was [or perhaps still is] planning to annex South Ossetia under the cover of a pretend-ceasefire and then present the West with a fait accompli? I found the statement by Russia's Medvedev likening South Ossetia with Kosovo to be rather, um, "curious" - last time I checked, Georgia wasn't engaged in systematic genocide in South Ossetia ... 'tis a quibble, admittedly.

And speaking of Kosovo, Russia's traditional ally Serbia must be in a diplomatic quandary in this case - they profess to be staunch allies with Russia, but have been selling arms to the Georgians, perhaps out of solidarity with a fellow country suffering for breakaway-republic woes.
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