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Default First big "ARG!!!" moment...

So, other than the usual tweaking of the GUI (mostly bringing in Fonts), things are going quite well with the new Ubuntu Desktop environment.

I have found that the "Software Boutique" is a cute, user-friendly way of presenting the software repositories. However, several installs failed (GIMP and Scribus, for example) despite multiple attempts. Complaints about unresolved dependencies.

Weirdly, the "apt" command-line interface worked just fine, so I don't know why the GUI interface had problems.

But, my first big Grrrrr... I discovered that the Mate Terminal will crash (killing all active terminals!) if a profile is launched with the "Run a custom command instead of my shell" set to a script without an explicit path.

I have a bunch of tiny little scripts in my ~/bin/ directory which do port knocking, and then SSH into different machines. Under Fedora, it was fine to just give the script name (yes, I learnt that under Ubuntu ~/bin is not set in the $PATH by default).

But under Ubuntu not even "~/bin/[SCRIPTNAME]" worked; I had to give the full path. And, again, it didn't fail gracefully; killing all my other sessions.
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