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Two points I have discovered for those that are interested in this kind of thing:

1) The RollingAverage value is capped at 4000.

This can have an effect if for example you have estimated that the PC will be on for say 5 hours per day and it turns out that the user leaves it switched on 24/7. The RA value increases over time and gets stuck at 4000, so the estimated completion times will always be too long and the amount of work cached will be correspondingly too small. This effect would be worse if the number of hours had been set smaller to 2 or maybe even 1 hour of use per day.

2) Simply changing the "Hours per day this program will run" value will also reset the RollingAverage value to 1000 for you - without the need to mess around with exiting, editing the LOCAL.INI file and restarting the client.
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