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Originally Posted by ATH View Post
I am not a part of this project, so I am not complaining just suggesting.

In my opinion it is confusing to sort the very largest gaps by merit, so you have to search the list and find the very largest gap at rank 4, and 2nd largest at the bottom at rank 20.

I think the list used to be called "Largest gaps with merit>10" or something like that and was sorted by gapsize.

EDIT: Nevermind, I just noticed that list still exists: https://primegap-list-project.github...merit-over-10/
(But I still do not understand the point of sorting the very largest gaps by merit).
Thanks for the comment; I was focused on trying to understand what the list original had intended instead of asking "does this make sense?", So I changed it so there are four lists: top 20 with merit > 30, with merit > 20, with merit > 10, and overall top 20.

I changed the name so it's just top20 gaps by size now.

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