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Originally Posted by robert44444uk View Post
Thanks Seth

Installed on my big machine - effortless this time.
The last few questions for today question:

$ ./ --unknown-filename 907_53970_1_10000_s15000_l1000M.txt --min-merit 15 --prp-top-percent 40 --threads 4
13818  15.9853  3937 * 907#/53970 -6686 to +7132
21164  24.4724  5801 * 907#/53970 -11364 to +9800    RECORD!
Where are the output items (in bold) kept?

I want to be able to access this file and play with it in MS Excel, which is in another operating system. How do I transfer the output items to a txt file in an MS Directory?

What command do I need to upload any records to the database? Or should I continue to use the primegaps/cloudy.go upload page?
All results (m,p,d,previous_prime_offset,next_prime_offset) are stored in a sql database (prime-gap-search.db).
the script `./misc/` will retrieve all the record gaps. If you want a raw list you can start with something like `sqlite3 prime-gap-search.db -header -csv 'SELECT * FROM result WHERE merit > 20'`

If you pass --save-logs (requires a git pull as I just fixed this code) all screen output gets saved in the log directory under a sensible filename (which also gets logged)

There's no automated upload script, it's a good idea but I don't have the energy right now (and I kinda like the frontend warts and all)

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