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Trying to understand the input variables. In post #1 you write

sieve to sieve m * P#/d for m from a to a+b up to limit

./combined_sieve --save-unknowns -p <P> -d <d> --mstart <a> --minc <b> --sieve-length <X> --max-prime <limit>

# e.g. 907#/53970 sieving 10,000 in both directions up to 1B

./combined_sieve --save-unknowns -p 907 -d 53970 --mstart 1 --minc 10000 --sieve-length 15000 --max-prime 1000
I do not understand sieve-length - it seems to me that the program will sieve multiple m from 1 to 10000, that much understood.

You then write "sieving 10,000 in both directions" but sieve-length is 15000. Does this actually mean the program will sieve either side of the primorial centre point by 15000 or 10000 or 7500 or 5000?

max-prime - does this mean that the sieve will sieve up to a maximum prime? I take it that 1000 = 1000M, i.e. it will sieve up to the primes that is just lower than 1e9
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