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Originally Posted by SethTro View Post
Please do comment on issues, I'll write this (sqlite3 > 3.18 + suggestion of Ubuntu 20.04) up in later today. Does this mean you got some/all of it running? under WSL?
I have gotten most of it working. Python needs to be at least v3.7 as well which wasn't default on 18.04.

Are all the options available fully implemented? The calculate_expected_gaps call on line 831 of gap_test crashes so I can't set options that satisfy this if statement: if args.stats and (args.save_logs or args.num_plots):
I haven't produced any graphs yet.
Can the script cope with being run twice in the same directory on the same database(maybe different scripts)?

I am not aware of a way to not need a dummy variable for // {number_primes,$a,1}. If file size is an issue you could use the ABCD format but I would imagine the file format you posted is easier.
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