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Originally Posted by SethTro View Post
The code uses gmp for numbers with < 8000 bits and pfgw for larger numbers. Sadly it's currently making one call per prime (e.g. hundreds per interval) I haven't found any easy way to make multiple calls (maybe I can write a list of all the offsets to check like Robert did in but I wasn't sure if pfgw stopped after the first prime.
Looks like I can do this

ABC $a*1009#/3018+$b // {number_primes,$a,1}
1 192
1 324
1 512
1 648
1 768
1 1296
1 2066
1 2126
Does anyone know if I can do something like {number_primes,1} instead of adding the dummy $a parameter? or maybe I'll just use m there
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