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Originally Posted by robert44444uk View Post
Well, that looks promising. So I can think if there is a Linux methodology to use Seth's program, then it should be possible to me to join in the fun.
For sanity's sake you will want to make sure that you are on a Ubuntu 20.04 version not 18.04 as that will have issues as mentioned above.

Any other issues would be useful to record so they can be added to the instructions.

If I use to test the best 1% of a file, is there a way to test the next 1%? Is this the point of the database? Do I just run again?
Is there an easy way of extracting the results from the log for submission to the online database?
How many tests does pfgw run per call? There would be a lot less overhead if multiple are done in one call. I would imagine that this is more of an issue in WSL as there is extra overhead for disk access.
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