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Originally Posted by MyDogBuster View Post
All help welcome. Maybe Gary (the main dude) can find something for you to do. There is plenty of sieving to do. MyDogBuster

PS: We use srsieve sr2siee here.. Sr2sieve handles multiple k's loads better that sr1siev which is good on single k
Thank you for the reply. I had to do some "dusting-off" of the sieve programs since I had not used them since the end of June.

I was not aware srsieve could do multiple expressions in parallel. I had never tried before. It does not appear any different when running than what I saw before. sr2sieve will take some experimentation. I only used it briefly.

The way I did this before was to set everything up into a batch process which only required entering the needed parameters on a command-line. Once started, it would do everything without any extra attention from me. Basically, I didn't have to remember as much to get it going.
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