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Originally Posted by MyDogBuster View Post
I'm currently running 4.3.5 for PRPNET. I want to upgrade to something newer but I keep getting parsing errors between the client and server. What I need s a stable windows
server and client. I need executables not instructions to do a make. I'm 74 and I'm done fiddling with makes.
I posted prpnet 5.4.4 Windows exes over at source forge. If you are upgrading a database instead of creating a new one, you will need to run this DDL to fix tables:

alter table Candidate drop column HasSierpinskiRieselPrime;
alter table CandidateGroupStats drop column SierpinskiRieselPrime;
alter table CandidateGroupStats add column SierpinskiRieselPrimeN int default 0;
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