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Default where do TF go when they finish?

For a while I have been watching the narrowing gap in summary.txt between the leading edges of LL & TF assignments. But it was only recently I noticed something that was right in front of me: the numbers available for LL tests weren't changing, even though TF tests were completing. In fact, in 28M-28.5M they haven't changed since the range was released for LL, except as exponents move from available to out. Example:
Status Summary Report 16 Feb 2005 00:00
  28200000   28299999           607    18    1543
  28300000   28399999           712    16    1258
  28400000   28499999          1085    55     710

Status Summary Report 25 Feb 2005 00:00
  28200000   28299999           562    20    1543
  28300000   28399999           614    24    1258
  28400000   28499999           892    69     710
The columns with numbers of exponents are TF out, TF factored, and LL available. As these TF complete without finding factors, when do they become available for LL testing? Am I missing something obvious, and this is normal?

I finally got around to looking at the data... summary.txt shows no exponents available for LL tests below 28.4M, so I kept under that. The attachment has all exponents that are in the nofactor file, are less than 28400000, and are not in lucas_v.txt, hrf3.txt, cleared.txt or status.txt. There are 319 below 27.5M that I guess are mostly from manual assignments, but there are 1877 above 27.5M...

Well folks, that's as far as I can go (that is, not far at all) and this post is now way too long, so I'll leave the rest to the collective wisdom out in the forum.

(Details: the GIMPS files I used are from 23/2/2005, the Primenet files have timestamp 01 Mar 2005 22:00, so no server sync in between.)
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