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Originally Posted by tha View Post
Ah yeah, When I saw the same exponent listed three times at with the same composite factor each time I assumed he found three previous unknown factors.
I'm not sure why, but in this case he did return 3 results for the same composite factor:
M2233183 has a factor: 163762219018395829535684102277067383089 (P-1, B1=500000, B2=15000000, E=12)

Just like the "history" section shows.

Not sure why it reported it 3 times within milliseconds of each other... bug in the client software?

When factors are checked in, Primenet does indeed verify that it's actually a factor, and also checks if the factor itself is composite (only prime factors are recorded of course). So it makes no sense to check the same thing in multiple times... just weird. And why wouldn't the software check on it's own if it's a composite factor? Doubly weird... maybe just laziness on the part of the software.
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