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If you're at all doubtful about your hardware, you could do some double-checks. That will give a very good confirmation of how reliably your computer completes LL tests. Your choices for the current assignment would then be: complete it before doing double-checks, do double-checks and later on pick it up where you left off, or abandon it (which seems a waste to me, unless there were errors).

Alternatively, you could get some reassurance by running prime95's torture test for a day, or use memtest86 to check your memory.

Pentium 4s are great for LL tests - first-time or double-checks! (Of course they're also very good at trial factoring above 64 bits, which is where most of the time will be spent anyway.)

Most current trial-factoring assignments will be done to 67 bits. I would guess a 2.4GHz P4 would complete one in 1.5 days. Of course not actually having one myself someone else will probably give a more accurate estimate.

Sorry if there are too many choices here! See what suits you best, as you say.

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