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Done around 4 million iterations, I will complete this test...
I just thought i'd be more productive doing trialfactoring, i guess i need to play a bit with the program, look around for the options and see what suits me best. Just that now it started with the Lucas-Lehmer test it looks like i'm hooked to that for now, can't do anything else...
Also i'm not too sure of the reliability of my hardware. First time i did the torture test it came up with an error, my computer had been running for a few days straight so i rebooted and after that it went through the test smoothly...still i'm not too confident. If i just stick to trialfactoring it's easy to check if sthing goes wrong, to see if something went wrong during an LL test, i can only think of redoing the LL-test completely to figure that one out.

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