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Originally Posted by garo View Post
Just put the Factor=exponent,lowlimit,highlimit lines in your worktodo.txt and communicate with the server. You are automatically assigned the exponents by v5.
Assuming Prime95 is version 25 you have to exit Prime95 to modify any configuration file (prime.txt, local.txt and worktodo.txt.

You might check if Prime.txt contains the following lines :
- MaxExponents=M (where M is at least the number of workunits you have.)
- DaysOfWork=D (where D should be bigger than the number of days your worktodo.txt will need to complete.)
- UnreserveDays=U (use U= D+30 or bigger otherwise you might unreserve a lot of exponents after startup)

To add work of your chosing to wortodo.txt there are two ways :

1 - Create a worktodo.add file (the extension must be ".add" not ".add.txt".) Start the file by a line "[Worker #W]" where W is the number of the worker you want to assigne the new work to. Add the workunits you want. After a while the content of that file will be appended to your worktodo.txt file.


2 - Exit Pime95 first.
- Add the workunits to worktodo.txt.
- Restart Prime95.

In any case once the work is added :

- Communicate with the server.
- Exit Prime95 again.
- Remove all the lines that contain NA as assignement ID from the worktodo.txt file.
- Restart Prime95.
- Communicate with the server sending expected completion dates.

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