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Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post
I know you know how to do this so here is all that I need:

1. All primes > 1000 or > 500; take your choice.
2. All k's remaining at n=25K.

I would prefer if you didn't remove k's that are multiples of the base. Although if you would like to, after you have tested to n=2500, forward me the k's remaining that are MOB that you think you should remove and I'll check them.

In a synopsis for MOB on this base:
Remove k's that are MOB if k+1 is composite.

I think you are going to have a lot of work reserved again. Can you give me a list of your reservations?

I have a lot of work reserved again. I'm not going to remove any of the k's remaining at n=25000. Following is reserved:

1. Sierp base 3 k>200M to k<=300M (ETA 2-3 weeks)
2. k=27 for sierp base 252 (at n=95500)
3. k=3677878 for riesel base 3 (testing will start in 5-6 days) ETA 8-10 weeks
4. Riesel base 3 k>100M to k<200M from n=25K to n=100K. Following status:
Core 1: n=61618
Core 2: n=69305
Core 3: n=54190
Core 4: n=58080
5. Sierpinski base 63 all k's to either n=5K 10K or 25K (Will be sieved to n=25K)

Hope this helps!


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