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Originally Posted by junky
hi guys,
i had 2 machines which were running into 7_233P and they "seems" to be moved to 6_257P.
i was running the project 6_257P_2, i take a look into my Client, to see if everything goes well, and at my great surprise, i saw i was now running the 5_304P_3's project.
So that's really cool.
Is that mean that both project has been completed?
Is there any estimation of the time required for this project now ?
Status update:

Everyone is now running 5_304P, also known as the 172-digit composite factor of 5^304+1. Ignoring the various cockups at the start (5_304_1 and 5_304P_1 arose from typos I made ) there are two sub-projects to be sieved. 5_304P_3 is being done first and 5_304P_2 will follow. For those who understand the basics of line sieving, the first subproject is sieving the lowest 5 million lines at twice the length of the subsequent 20 million in second subproject.

Sieving for both 7_233P and 6_257P has completed. The matrix for the former is presently well underway on my home system and should complete next week. I had to pause the 7_233P matrix for a few hours yesterday to start the filtering and merging of the 6_257P relations.

The 6_257P data looks pretty good. Further processing will very likely mean the matrix will need pausing again, as the matrix is taking 546M memory out of the 768M fitted and the filter stages can themselves take a few hundred megs.

The current project is somewhat harder than its two predecessors. I'm not sure at the moment exactly how much harder but my guess is about 50% more. It will take a few weeks to sieve at current rates of progress.

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