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Originally Posted by scottsaxman
So, by the looks of things, we'll have reached the goal for 3_491P easily by the end of the month. Then what?

Also, out of curiousity, how are things going with the factorization of 10_223P and 11_206P? The nfsnet website home page said the linear algebra could be done by the middle of June, but I haven't found any more current info.
I'd like to see some numbers from the 2+ table(s) done. These tables
have lagged behind others. Possible targets include

2, 709+, 2,716+, 2, 719+, 2,736+, 2,764+, 2,772+ although the first 3 may be a little small.

Other possibilities include the first two holes in the 2- table: M739, & M743.

I intend to do 2,667+, 2,689+ and 2,697+ as soon as I finish 2,1238L (80%
sieved) and 2,1262L. But I only have a very small number of machines (6).

There are also 3 numbers on the 'Most Wanted' list that have been there
for quite a while: 7,232+, 7,233+, and 6,251+, although these may be
a little small as well. Paul Leyland is doing the last number with exponent
less than 200: 11,199-.
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