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Hi bc,

The latest version of PRP is at this link: for Windows, and prp.tgz for Linux You do have the latest version of PRP.

Time per bit in milliseconds is based on the FFT range. Let's look at the very similar Prime95 page (which deals with mersenne numbers and not proth numbers):

For exponents of 6465000 to 7690000 for mersenne numbers, the FFT range is 384K, which is the amount of memory (if I understand correctly) that is used. So all numbers in that range will have the same time per bit. Now, again if I am understanding correctly, towards the top of the range more memory is starting to be needed so for the next range of 7690000 to 8970000, the FFT is 448K. And since the FFT is bigger and more memory is needed, the time per bit for numbers in this range is slower than the previous range. And so on :) Proth numbers are similar in regards to FFT.

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