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GMP-ECM 6.1.1 with GMP 4.2.1 compiled on Windows XP with Msys+MinGW. The asmredc files is compiled with --enable-asm-redc, check txt-files for speedtest: asm-redc seems slightly faster up to 190-200 digit numbers. No asm-redc on Pentium3 since no SSE2.

Pentium4 Prescott 3.4 Ghz: ecm611-p4p.txt
Pentium4 Northwood 2.4 Ghz: ecm611-p4n.txt (coming august 2nd)
Pentium4 Willamette 1.50 Ghz: ecm611-p4w.txt (coming august 7th-ish)
Pentium3 Celeron 1.10 Ghz (P6C Coppermine128): ecm611-p3c.txt
Athlon XP 2200+ 1.80Ghz: ecm611-athlon.txt

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