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Default Wish list

Features I'd like to see added in Mlucas. As always, it's the developer's call what actually happens; his time, his talent, his program. These are in when-I-thought-to-write-them order.

  1. PRP proof file generation by VDF. Preferably V2 format, such as prime95 and gpuowl produce. I think this is generally agreed to be the highest priority feature addition.
  2. ETAs in the .stat file output
  3. Jacobi symbol check for LL / LLDC running
  4. Solution for WSL-related core-hopping seen on Xeon Phi and elsewhere
  5. Solution for building native Windows executables
  6. Solution for building multithreaded native Windows executables
  7. Ability to accept a list of interim LL 64-bit residues from a parallel run for comparison at widely spaced iteration counts such as every 5M or 10M from previous runs, useful in DC / TC / new-discovery-verification
  8. Date/time stamps on first record of console or nohup.out output or upon restart in <exponent>.stat file, and on most other output
  9. Only one process can run per folder at a time
  10. Multiple-worker integration into a single process
  11. Segmenting a P-1 stage 2 run onto multiple processes or machines for running in parallel; this will be necessary for F33 P-1 stage 2, and may be useful on OBD P-1 also
  12. Total run time per P-1 stage and total of both stages and GCDs, output by program for more convenient benchmarking, run time scaling measurement.
  13. Change worktodo.ini to worktodo.txt
  14. On Ernst's wish list judging by reading some source code is a GUI someday.
  15. Integral PrimeNet API use
(what else?)

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