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Default Mlucas releases

This is an incomplete draft list.

2017-06-15 V17.0

2017-07-02? V17.1

2019-02-20 V18

2019-12-01 v19

2021-02-11 v19.1 ARMv8-SIMD / Clang/LLVM compiler compatibility

2021-07-31 V20.0 P-1 support; automake script

2021-08-31 V20.1 faster P-1 stage 2, some bug fixes, print refinements, new help provisions, corrected reference-residues, raised maximum Mp limits

tbd V20.2? minor cleanup such as labeling factor bits as bits, additional bug fixes; possibly resync mfactor variable types with shared routines typing from Mlucas

tbd V21? PRP proof generation planned

Top of reference tree:

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