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Some things I'd like to see incorporated:

Reworking the save files for parallel thread run resume compatibility. See

Build recipe for v20.x Mfactor on Linux.
I think it would go like this for the base X64 1word version:
~/mlucas_v20.1/src$ mv factor.c.txt factor.c
~/mlucas_v20.1/src$ cd ..
~/mlucas_v20.1$ mkdir ./obj_mfac
~/mlucas_v20.1$ cd ./obj_mfac
~/mlucas_v20.1/obj_mfac$ gcc -c -Os ../src/get*.c && rm get_preferred_fft_radix.o
~/mlucas_v20.1/obj_mfac$ gcc -c -Os ../src/imul_macro.c ../src/mi64.c ../src/qfloat.c ../src/rng_isaac.c ../src/two*c ../src/types.c ../src/util.c
~/mlucas_v20.1/obj_mfac$ gcc -c -Os -DFACTOR_STANDALONE -DTRYQ=4 ../src/factor.c
~/mlucas_v20.1/obj_mfac$ gcc -o Mfactor *.o -lm
A solution for building native Windows versions. The msys2 approach broke for single-threaded Windows executables at v19.1? At v20?

A solution for building native multithreaded Windows versions.

A solution for the KNL/WSL/Ubuntu core-hopping seen with Mlucas, probably applicable to Mfactor also.

A solution for multithreading on base x64 instruction set. If such is compiled, it warns at run time with -nthread > 1 that it is not supported, and then terminates.

Output ETAs

Run logging, without the necessity of tee or redirection

Top of reference tree:

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