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Originally Posted by bsquared View Post
Thanks to the autoreconf -si hint, I've progressed a little further and have run through a configure process for a sm_70 card. But now I'm getting a bunch of these errors:

ptxas /tmp/tmpxft_00008eaa_00000000-5_cudakernel.ptx, line 2378; error   : Instruction 'vote' without '.sync' is not supported on .target sm_70 and higher from PTX ISA version 6.4
which probably has nothing to do with your cbgn enhancements. Anyone know if gpu-ecm will build and run on a sm_70 card or hints on how to proceed?
Fixed it.

On line 10 of replace this line:

with this one

Now I have a working gpu-ecm! Later I'll try to get the cbgn part working.

% echo "(2^997-1)" | ./ecm -gpu -sigma 3:1000 20000
GMP-ECM 7.0.5-dev [configured with GMP 6.2.0, --enable-asm-redc, --enable-gpu, --enable-assert] [ECM]
Input number is (2^997-1) (301 digits)
Using B1=20000, B2=3804582, sigma=3:1000-3:6119 (5120 curves)
GPU: Block: 32x32x1 Grid: 160x1x1 (5120 parallel curves)
Computing 5120 Step 1 took 485ms of CPU time / 4990ms of GPU time
Computing 5120 Step 2 on CPU took 247281ms

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