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Originally Posted by Happy5214 View Post
My residual reservation on the R2 k's 671413, 685183, 686711, and 700057 (all of which belong to the R2 second conjecture) has been completed between n=900k-1M. No primes found, and I'm releasing them to CRUS. I don't know if Gary included them in the above range.

Thanks for the info. That makes the # of k's remaining official. I had not tested your range for n=900K-1M but I did include them in the search for n=1M-2M as well as in the # of k's remaining. All 4 of them were so low weight I just went on the assumption that there would not be a prime for n=900K-1M...and none have had a prime up to n=1.5M+ so far. :-)

After you update the Wiki to show them complete to n=1M I will reserve them for this effort and show them at n=1.5M.

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