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Originally Posted by EdH View Post
What about the bases of the 6th (33550336) and 7th (8589869056) perfect numbers (or even further)?

The even parities will all terminate rather quickly, but most of the odd should give some good sequences. And you might turn up a cycle or two for the collection.

Absolutely yes ! Perfect numbers play a key role in our project !

Originally Posted by yoyo View Post
I need more food :-) roughly 200 sequences. I'll wait for updated pages to check which are the next bases.

This is really incredibly fantastic !!!

If you really need more sequences, you can initialize bases 34 and 35 up to the minimum exponent 80 (or even 90). Because it is with these small bases that we are most likely to disprove the theory about cycles that we believe to be wrong exposed here :
If you want to calculate these two new bases, let me know. I would then add them to the page during a future update, when all the sequences whose exponents have the same parity as the base will end with a prime number. So the work is less laborious for me ;-).

Another solution : you can reserve bases already initialized from the project page and not yet calculated "very far" : bases 439, 770, 1155.
Or wait for tomorrow's update (February 14) to see other bases for which we can push the calculations further.
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