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Originally Posted by ewmayer View Post
but never got to the hoped-for login prompt, system is hung with black screen with mouse cursor frozen. No more time for this today, tips as to what to try tomorrow welcome.
WSL2 install was a bust. The cpu lacks some required virtualization support.

On Windows, I have gotten to where it will run prime95. Benchmarking with hyperthreading in prime95 does x2, x3, and x4, which are almost always progressively slower.

Running higher prime95 benchmarking overnight, it has settled into a state after several hours where the screen is black except for a slowly responding white mouse cursor. My recollection is Windows was already configured not to put the system into standby or hibernation ever.
It is unresponsive at the console or by remote desktop, but responds to ping, and to the Numlock key slowly. This is close to what Ernst describes, but my system has not yet had Linux installed, and his has presumably not had Windows installed. Perhaps disabling hibernation in ACPI settings is needed, or a careful review of Windows power settings, or both.

My unit is wired... peculiarly. There are no connections to JF1 (which has pinouts for power switch, reset switch, power LED, HDD LED, NICs LEDs etc). The case-front power button has no effect.

The hardware seller's stock is now sold out.

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