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Originally Posted by kruoli View Post
From my personal experience with my new Zen 2 work machine, there might be some trouble to get a chip stable at DDR clocks at (and surely above) 3,600 MHz. Sometimes, it is running multiple DCs without any problems. But my current DC already has four round-off-errors. When I first encountered this, I overvolted RAM and SOC slightly and it helped for a while. No, the ambient temperatures seem to be too high or something. Nothing in this machine is overclocked in any way. I only applied the RAM profile which itself reported to be designed for.
We don't have the memory we ordered just yet, but we threw in a pair of used memory sticks for testing. (User jvang just got these. Had we known he was buying them we would have asked him to maybe sell them to us.)

So far we have tuned:

3,666MT/s memory speed
1,833MHz Infinity Fabric (FCLK:UCLK:MCLK)
CAS 15-15-15-15-36-50
Memory at 1.35V. (At 1.3V sometimes only one stick is recognized.)

It has been stable so far running memtest and mprime's torture test.

3,733 MT/s won't boot at all with FCLK:UCLK:MCLK.
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