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My ecmpi script is not harvesting correctly. If possible, you should work with actual ecmpi output. However, you probably shouldn't spend too much time on this particular item, since I may be the only user and that might be short-lived if Ubuntu doesn't fix openmpi in version 20.04 LTS. If Aliqueit is harvesting all the factors returned from GME-ECM and, that should be sufficient. ecmpi output would be a bonus, but my script shouldn't be considered any kind of valid format, since it was just an intermediary step.

My script merely grabs the factor string and sticks it on a manufactured line and appends it to the temp file. This was from a recent success:
GMP-ECM 7.0.4 [configured with GMP 6.1.2, --enable-asm-redc] [P+1]
Input number is 199846925325212778936524636255908932994729050497908854338781889672773772151749842241106868914659381665057376759667160384756876084264093979 (138 digits)
Using B1=55000, B2=19411780, polynomial x^1, x0=683685786
Step 1 took 32ms
Step 2 took 40ms
Run 2 out of 3:
Using B1=55000, B2=19411780, polynomial x^1, x0=1704320829
Step 1 took 24ms
Step 2 took 32ms
Run 3 out of 3:
Using B1=55000, B2=19411780, polynomial x^1, x0=1137676472
Step 1 took 28ms
Step 2 took 36ms
********** Factor found in step 2: 7232220600701 * 29530212079756657
Found prime factor of 33 digitis: 7232220600701 * 29530212079756657
Thanks for all your work. I still need to update my page.
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