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Default Why don't we do proofs and certificates instead of double checks and triple and higher?

We can and do. Everyone who can upgrade to PRP, GEC, and proof generation for first primality tests (prime95/mprime v30.3 or later; gpuowl ~v6.11-316 or later; mprime v20 coming at some point, meanwhile use v19.1 for PRP/GEC without proof generation) should do so as soon as possible, and stop performing LL first tests.

Original post:
Because we didn't know it was possible to do proofs of PRP tests for these huge Mersenne numbers at considerably less effort than a repeat PRP test or repeat LL test until recently. The development of new code to do proofs and verifications, followed by widespread deployment of client applications to do proofs, and server infrastructure to accept proofs and perform verifications, will take around a year or more to complete.
Gpuowl is closest to being ready to provide proofs.
Prime95 and Mlucas haven't begun to get this added yet as of mid June 2020.
There's also separate verifier code to write.
Server modification for storing new data types.
Manual result handling modification.
Extension of the Primenet API to accommodate it for prime95.

Some threads regarding this recent development are

Announcement The Next Big Development for GIMPS
(Layperson's and informal discussion here)

Technical VDF (Verifiable Delay Function) and PRP
(Leave this one for the number theorists and crack programmers)

Technical background: Efficient Proth/PRP Test Proof Scheme
(Also a math/number-theory thread, let's leave this one for theorists too)

This is an exciting development. It offers elimination of almost all confirmation effort on future PRP tests, so will substantially increase testing throughput (eventually). It is a high priority for design and implementation right now. Other possible gpuowl enhancements are likely to wait until this is at least ready for some final testing.

Top of this reference thread:
Top of reference tree:

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