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Originally Posted by EdH View Post
-- Partial Factorization --

7-3_361 (ECM*)
(c213) 530436724400515244080172319542008866473302340607467278813000867428496947657918934926832942057121115532070178249440129063634680197552916997455626891147752093835063257176168734045062703159006692317084909909908229323
(p54) 139598511830842552710300309604651813301513367890200663
*240 curves @ 11e7

OOOps! I seem to have caused a problem!

I submitted the composite to the reservation page, because that's what was in my clipboard. The reservation page dropped the whole hcn, apparently assuming the submitted number was a prime. factordb says it is a composite.
Yes, this has happened before. The server checks the cofactor for primality, but it doesn't check the submitted factor. Fivemack will have to restore this composite. Tom?

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