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Originally Posted by kriesel View Post
After the dust settles, an update on the Mlucas save file format description to final v18, and to v19 PRP would be appreciated. For your convenience,
Simple, PRP test savefiles tack on an additional version of the last 4 items in the 'current Mlucas file format' list - full-length residue byte-array (this one holding the accumulated Gerbicz checkproduct) and the 3 associated checksums totaling a further 18 bytes. Thus, where an LL-savefile read reads one such residue+checksum data quartet, 3 bytes for FFT-length-in-Kdoubles which the code was using at time of savefile write (*note* your quote in post #2 needs to change that from 4 to 3 bytes), 8 bytes for circular-shift to be applied to the (shift-removed) savefile residue, a PRP-savefile read follows those reads with another read of a residue+checksum data quartet.
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