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Just curious why gpuowl and not CUDALucas? I haven't tried either yet so I hardly know anything about them, but I guess I would assume that CUDA would generally beat OpenCL on nvidia GPUs?
I personally think the fact that PRP has a reliable error check algorithm makes it superior to LL. Secondly, gpuowl seems to run faster on Nvidia cards that are bandwidth starved (for example my Titan V is significantly faster on gpuowl than CUDALucas, down from 1.12ms/it to 0.83ms/it with the switch. The Tesla K80 is no exception since it has a 1:3 FP32:FP64 rate but a relatively low memory bandwidth, the same should apply.), and obviously I would want maximum throughput. I would try CUDALucas sometimes if it's faster than gpuowl on the K80.
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