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Under Windows, you can easily integrate a Colab notebook in the Misfit workflow if you are working with a Google drive.
  • Create a mfaktc directory on your google drive.
  • Copy the executable provided by Chalsall & Hansl to this directory (see attach).
    Copy your mfaktc.ini file (nothing special in the parameters).
  • Create your colab notebook with this script (assuming you use the \mfaktc-0.21 directory) :
    import os.path
    from google.colab import drive
    if not os.path.exists('/content/drive/My Drive'):
    %cd '/content/drive/My Drive/mfaktc-0.21/'
    !chmod 755 '/content/drive/My Drive/mfaktc-0.21/mfaktc.exe'
    !cd '.' && /content/drive/My\ Drive/mfaktc-0.21/mfaktc.exe
    The first lines install your Google drive as a local drive for the Virtual Machine.
    The next lines grant the necessary accesses to the virtual machine and launch the executable.

    Don't forget to set your runtime for GPU acceleration.
  • Parametrise your misfit configuration in order to refer to the google drive mfaktc directory.

It's done … the Google drive synchronisation mechanisms will ensure a lean communication between misfit and the VM.
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