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Originally Posted by hansl View Post
If its giving ~400Ghz-d/day then I'm surprised how poorly it performs compared to a GTX 1660 though (I get 1500-1600 on mine), despite the K80 core count being much higher and FP32 TFLOPS being only slightly less per "processor" 4TFLOP K80 vs 5TFLOPS on 1660, so x2 it should easily beat that.
The K80s are serious compute (for example, they include ECC memory), but don't compare to more modern gaming kit. Also, each VM gets only one of the two K80 GPUs. This is the same over on Azure, GCE, and ECS.

Originally Posted by hansl View Post
With the K80 having decent FP64 performance (1:3 of FP32, vs typical GPU having 1:32), I wonder if it would be better suited for CudaPm1 or CudaLucas work rather than TF.
Definitely should be analyzed. I think this is early days; different Notebooks can be created and shared to focus on a particular compute space, and each individual user gets to choose which they run in their (singular) VM.
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