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Every prime exponent that hasn't been tested before might yield a Mersenne Prime, but that chance is very low. Only 51 primes up to 82.6 million, why do you focus on this number? You just picked a random prime exponent?
Perhaps it came to him in a dream, or he paid big money to a fortune teller for a guaranteed winning number, or he adapted a winning the lottery system somehow. Or perhaps it's merely because M50 is from exponent 77232917, and 87232917 is not prime, and 87232913 is.
Prior assignments have expired. It won't allow me to reserve it as a PRP test. (Error 40.) I plan to test this one soon, and a couple other guesses of similarly shaky foundation. One lottery ticket is as good as another. Disproving such unsubstantiated claims is a bonus.

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