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I generated the factor-base file by running the cado-nfs script and letting it call makefb for me, then transcribed the command lines in L2253.wucmd to get raw las command lines.

/scratch/cado-gnfs/cado-nfs-2.3.0/build/oak/sieve/makefb -poly L2253.jon/L2253.poly -lim 268000000 -maxbits 16 -out L2253.jon/L2253.roots.gz -t 40
seems to be the command line for makefb

L2253.poly is just as for gnfs-lasieve4I15e except that it's just the polynomial and no sieving parameters:

n: 2688333615331433020642446747149440986283678638176205541641754312932820814295074220965678187428410875031545875881257723735692836520162515677425285432734833508071695321927492427322546769031971029
skew: 368024608.71
c0: 123272612786479316312350884349842837614862419023
c1: -8888039873820606651882838453601725169289
c2: -6398405309760975776966814915379
c3: -74102914865935467793635
c4: -344134329264960
c5: 556920
Y0: -21713911810858617860786743761277388982
Y1: 11185023447043546081
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