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Attached are improved params files for C105, C110, and C115. I leave to the user to compare timings against stock files (please post results here!).
Under the conditions of these files, with low Q values and tight lambda settings, I find the crossover from I=12 to I=13 to be around 118 digits.
Edit 9 April: params.c115 was edited to change "tasks.sieve.qmin" to "tasks.qmin". CADO changed the name of this setting in 2019, and this file hadn't been updated.
Edit 13 April: params.c120 added. Tested on RSA120: Stock CADO (April '19 git) 15538 wall-clock seconds, this file 11302 seconds; measured 6-threaded on a 6-core i7 running 5xLLR concurrently.
23Apr21: Added c125 file.
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