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All of those tables where much too long.

For example there was a table for Williams primes with 8 different kinds of numbers in one table.

- unreadable
- editing is a horror (finding the right entries)
- (almost) no test limits given

Having in mind that every edit of such page (only one character is enough) will save the whole page again in the database and you edited such pages more than once (example: 2018-04-02 from 05:07 to 05:45 30 times! in 40 mins) is not acceptable anymore.
Your biggest page (Pseudoprimes of 5 different forms in one table with colors) was 3MB in size, the biggest page I've ever seen in a Wiki!
Every edit will save 3MB of text in the database! The SQL dump of the whole Wiki is only 16MB in text format! At least that page could not be edited because the browser/wiki software was unable to handle this.

Big data collections are not allowed as pure wiki pages, but only in file format like attachments as given on the example page or at the Cunningham project page.

I've not yet tried it for those overloaded pages because I have to evaluate first how this can be handled and find the best to keep the database fine and to keep it simple for users to edit in an easy way.

So templates have to be generated first like for the Riesel or PDF with acceptable and reliable data for storing.has to be generated.

You were blocked on OEIS and Wikipedia because of those big tables in mass with not verifyable data and restoring your deleted edits in several times.

I will not allow such behavior in this wiki and if I got time to include those pages again (in a different way) you will see them.
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